Some of the products and services we provide:
  • Management of pond water quality, including the control of algae and other vegetative growth using natural, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and non-toxic dye (to limit sunlight reaching bottom-growing weeds).
  • Water quality evaluation and analysis of commercial and residential decorative and retention ponds.
  • Water quality tests, both for general conditions and critical testing for Coliform and pathogens.
  • The provision and installation of floating decorative and/or aeration fountains.
  • The provision and installation of compressed air aeration systems utilizing aeration pods placed on the bottom of ponds.
  • The provision and installation of freestanding self-contained decorative fountains and water features, both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Stocking of game fish or all grades of koi and fancy goldfish.
  • Commercial and residential decorative pond design and construction.
  • The provision of pond building, maintenance, and enhancement supplies.
  • Pond maintenance, repair, and rebuilding.
  • Decorative pond cleaning, including spring cleanout.
  • Decorative pond winterization and preparation.
  • Fountain maintenance, winterization.
  • The provision and planting of aquatic in-pond and marginal plants.
  • Expert testimony.
  • We like challenges, ask us!

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